Sealey 6/12V Speed Charger

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Sealey 6/12V Speed Charger


3xFaster charging than conventional chargers
LCD Progress display
Charge rate selector (For cold batteries)
De-sulphating mode
Automatic voltage detector
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Sealey Intelligent Speed Charge Battery Chargers 6/12V - Sealey SCI15S, This battery charger from Sealey features patented Speed Charge technology that actively monitors the charge acceptance and constantly modifies the charge output. These models charge the battery up to 3 times faster than conventional battery chargers without damaging the battery. Heavy-duty sturdy cases, all chargers have no-nonsense controls, bright, clear, easy-to-read LED status lights and wipe clean touch pad controls. Battery pre-sets include conventional, AGM/Gel, leisure and stop/start batteries. Also includes LCD progress display screens.The charge rate selector allows the operator to override the standard charge rate and choose a soft-start programme for very cold batteries which also enables the charging and maintenance of small batteries. Also has de-sulphating mode enabling deeply discharged batteries to be charged. Elsewhere, a fully automatic float mode ensures that the battery is kept fully charged and ready to use, for extended periods of time. Automatic voltage detection determines if the charger is connected to a 6V or 12V battery. Reverse polarity protection and automatic shut-off are included as standard.