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Horsch / Tiger AS

Universal cultivator in 4-bar design for intensive mixing to 35 cm working depth 

Advantages of Tiger AS

  • For intensively mixing cultivation and loosening
  • At the same working width and depth less power demand than turning cultivation
  • Crop residues are incorporated evenly and deeply
  • Suitable for high amounts of crop residues
  • Up to 35 cm working depth what allows for crossing below the ploughpan
  • Particularly suitable for light and medium soils
  • 3 – 7,50  m working width
  • Power demand starting at 110 kW / 150 HP

 Distinguishing Feature of Tiger AS

  • 4-bar design
  • Tight  tine spacing for intensive mixing
  • Consolidation carried out by AS tyre packer
  • Maximum clearance due to 92 cm tine spacing
  • Excellent levelling capacity
  • Cultivation and seedbed preparation in one pass
  • TerraGrip tines with a release force of 570 kg are especially recommended on stony and rocky soils

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