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Horsch / Tiger MT

Advantages of Tiger MT

- Combination of disc harrow and cultivator
- Serrated discs cut the harvest residues
- Incorporation and intensive mixing even of long-stemmed harvest residues
- Prevents the formation of a disc harrow cultivation horizon
- Deep loosening up to 35 cm
- Suitable for all types of soil
- 3 - 7,50 m working width
- Power demand starting at 110 kW / 150 HP

Distinguishing Features of Tiger MT
- After grain maize, lodged grain and catch crop
- Turning of grassland and set-aside land
- Intensive crumbling on heavy soils
- TerraGrip tines with a working depth of up to 35 cm
- Hydraulic overload protection of tines with a release force of 800 kg
- Hydraulic overload protection of the DiscSystem

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