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Horsch / Pronto SW

Seeding technology for large farms for precise seed drilling at high speeds.

Advantages of Pronto SW
- Pronto technology for large farms
- Seed waggon with very large hopper capacity for seed and fertilizer for low idle times
- The Pronto AS achieves high speeds while maintaining the exact seed  placement due to its unique packer. This is due to a very good levelling  effect with high clearance. Thus, the forming of waves is effectively  prevented.
- Our packer concept is a prerequisite for a good emergence in wet and dry conditions
- TurboDisc seed coulter with a uniformer for a  considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement
- Easy handling due to central adjustment of the seedbed-preparation unit and the packer-seed unit
- Uniform planting depth over the entire field due to predefined depth difference between packer system and coulter
- PPF system for exact fertilizer-depot placement below the seed rows
- 8 - 12 m working width
- Power demand starting at 155 kW / 210 HP

Distinguishing Features of Pronto SW
- Trailed seed drill combining seedbed preparation, consolidation, sowing and pressing
- 2-row DiscSystem for the production of fine earth at high working speeds
- The scraper between the packer tyres has decisive advantages in wet conditions as its large clearance allows for a uniform consolidation over the entire working width
- The coulter pressure adjustment guarantees an even emergence in changing conditions
- Low dead weight
- Hopper capacity – 12,000 litres
- Designed for high output and best sowing quality

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