Horsch / Pronto TD

Tillage and precise seeding in one working step. 

Advantages of Pronto TD
- Addition to Tiger to combine cultivation and sowing
- Particularly suitable for light and medium soils
- Suitable for sowing of all crops
- Available for all HORSCH Tiger 3 to 8
- Our packer concept is a prerequisite for a good crop emergence in wet and dry conditions
- Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer for a  considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement
- Uniform planting depth over the entire field due to predefined depth difference between packer system and coulter
- Hopper with a capacity of 2,000 litres
- 3 - 7,50 m working width
- Power demand starting at 25 kW / 35 HP

Distinguishing Features of Pronto TD
- Combination of soil cultivation with Pronto seeding technology
- Seeding machine with drill manager functioning  fully pneumatic
- Ideal germination conditions through optimum utilization of soil moisture
- Each tire of the Tiger is followed by two TurboDisc coulters of the Pronto TD
- Elimination of overlapping coverage
- The scraper between the packer tyres has decisive advantages in wet conditions as its large clearance allows for a uniform consolidation over the entire working width
- The coulter pressure adjustment guarantees an even emergence in changing conditions

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