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Horsch / Focus TD

Features of Focus TD
- Strip cultivation principle: soil is cultivated only in the seed rows
- Combines deep soil loosening, fertiliser placement, seedbed preparation and sowing in one pass
- Removal of harvest residues from the root area and precise and deep fertiliser-depot placement below the seed rows
- Concave discs level and close slots
- The hollow discs can be lifted to form the ridges
- Packer for deep consolidation
- Turbo Disc seed coulter for precise seed placement
- 6 m working width
- Power demand starting at 175 kW / 240 HP

Work Steps of Focus TD

Zone I: Soil cultivation
a) Deep soil loosening, exactly below the seed rows
b) Exact definition of the root area
c) Harvest residues are removed from the root area
d) Fertiliser-depot placement below the seed rows
e) Transport of wet soil into the germination horizon

Zone II: Concave discs Can be adjusted to various modes of operation:
a) Levelling and closing slots
b) Forming ridges

Zone III: Tyre packer
a) Defined, deep consolidation
b) Creation of soil contact
c) Optimum seedbed preparation in front of the seed coulters

Zone IV: Seed coulters
a) Sowing into wet soil that is free of harvest residues
b) TurboDisc seed coulters for a precise seed placement

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