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Pottinger / Terradisc / Multiline

The all-rounder in soil cultivation compact disc harrows working width 9'84'' to 19'69'' / 3.0 to 6.0 m

Following the harvest, residues need to be worked in evenly so decomposition gets a head start. This mixture of straw and soil creates optimum conditions for soil life. That's why the compact disc harrow plays a major role in modern arable farming.

The PÖTTINGER TERRADISC compact disc harrow specialises in shallow cultivation and high output. This is a true all-rounder and can also be used for seedbed preparation. Working depths between 1.18 and 4.72" / 30 and 120 mm are possible.

The range includes:
3001 Terradisc: 3m working width / 24 discs
3501 Terradisc: 3.5m working width / 28 discs
4001 Terradisc: 4m working width / 32 discs
4001K/T Terradisc: 4m working width / 32 discs
5001K/T Terradisc: 5m working width / 40 discs
6001K/T Terradisc: 6m working width / 48 discs

* K - mounted, T - trailed 

Choice of cage, knife, pack ring or rubber pack ring rollers are available

PÖTTINGER's MULTILINE concept creates a true all-rounder for arable professionals. By combining a trailed TERRADISC or a trailed SYNKRO with an implement-mounted VITASEM seed drill, you gain maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.  

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