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Challenger / MT800E

The Challenger MT800E Series tractors is a new line of heavy-duty, high-horsepower rubber-tracked tractors designed to stretch the limits of productivity and performance, including the most powerful tracked tractor ever, the MT875E.

The Challenger Tracked Tractor MT800E Series includes the following models: 

MT845E max 492hp 
MT855E max 536hp 
MT865E max 592hp 
MT875E max 646hp

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Why Buy Tracks?

Financial First and foremost, the phenomenal work-rate of Challenger Tracked Tractors gets the job done faster, using less fuel and operator time, so lowering costs of production and providing a handsome return on investment.

Astonishing Traction Weight is distributed evenly over the wide long tracks, with minimal track-slip and much reduced ground pressure. Less compaction with Challenger Tracked Tractors means better soil structure, promoting better crop establishment and quality.

Sophisticated Tractor Management. The Tractor Management Centre (TMC) on Challenger Tracked Tractors ensures all crucial functions are operating at optimum efficiency.

Proven Transmission. Challenger Tracked Tractor transmissions are designed specifically for rubber belted agricultural tractors. The robust design has been tested by our customers and has proved to be very reliable with seemless transition between gears.

Opti-Ride Suspension. For the smoothest ride over the roughest terrain, Challenger Tracked Tractors now have tough new mid-wheel options, providing the operator with the greatest comfort and safety.

RVW Pugh Ltd's Superb Back-up and After Sales Support. Extensively trained, field based service technicians with fully equipped mobile service vehicles respond to your specific needs by bringing the right tools and training to you.

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