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Massey Ferguson / 7360 Beta

EX-DEMO - MF 7360 BETA - PLi Model

The MF Beta combine harvesters offer a straightforward, practical design with a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field, where time is of the essence.

 A good cab environment is the key to getting the best performance from the machine and operator. Excellent visibility with ergonomically placed controls makes the workload easier and more productive.

Model Max Power (hp/kW) No. of straw walkers Grain Capacity (Litres)
7360 Beta ParaLevel(i) 306/225* 5 8600

*with Power Boost

  • Additional worklights
  • 4WD Rear Axle with Powerflow Table Ballast kit. 
  • GPS yield moisture meter
  • 5mm round hole sieve
  • Radio
  • 20" Powerflow table
  • Right hand side knife
  • Year of manufacture 2013 
  • Warranty and finance available
  • Hours: 344

This combine we are selling has the Para Level feature;Simple parallel linkage makes for effortless change of angle in the field. This patented system offers leveling with the table on slopes up to 20% (4WD). Combine components are generally designed to work on the level. This system maintains that level longer on slopes and therefore keeps the machine working at maximum efficiency for longer - increasing your output.

PLi models, as well as the ParaLevel system, offer an added capability with a special “Integrale” rear axle levelling feature. This enables each machine to level on slopes uphill to 30%.

It extends the efficiency of the combines on sloping ground, providing a better output and sample in complete safety for the operator. It works automatically and seamlessly ensuring the operator can concentrate on cutting accurately.

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