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Pottinger / NovaCat Mower

Pottinger Novacat Classic Disc Mowers. This is a versatile, durable well built machine. WIth working widths from 2.2m to 4.3m you can mow a field fast while still producing a superb swath. Ranging from the Pottinger Novacat 262 through to the 442, these mowers have 5-10 mower discs with 2 quick change knives per disc. Horsepower requirement for the Novacat ranges from 50hp to 120hp, with swath widths up to 2.7m. The Pottinger Novacat mower has 3 point linkage mounting now with a hydraulic ram incorporated into the left hand link to help 'level up' machine during use, for easier suspension set up and hitching up of machine. The front and side guards are designed to protect the mower while being easy to move for servicing access. The Pottinger Novacat rear mounted mower features a ' hydraulic floating cut' suspension system designed to map the contour of the ground, particularly useful for fast and tidy mowing on uneven ground. Pottinger NovaCat mowers also come with an easily removable Extra Dry conditioner to give you the perfect swath finish:

  • Conditioners carefully rub the layer of wax covering the crop. The forage is then deposited across the full width in an airy blanket.
  • Shorter drying period in the field, less risk from the weather.
  • Increases energy content by up to 10% – saves concentrates.
  • Better silage quality due to rapid reduction in PH-value.
  • No tedding (or less tedding) required, which saves time and simplifies the process.
  • Careful conditioning process reduces loss due to disintegration of sensitive leaves – providing more protein for the silage.
  • Fewer passes protects the stubble and crop. Savings of much money a hectare per year are possible as a consequence.

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