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Pottinger / Novacat Mower Combinations

Pottinger Novacat Disc Mower Combinations

The Pottinger NOVACAT X8 or NOVACAT V10 disc mower combinations provide a powerful and economical alternative to expensive self propelled units. By utilizing existing tractors to the full, the investment is repayed far sooner than expensive self-propelled mowers.

The Pottinger X8 Novacat mower combination has a working width of 8.3m and also features the Pottinger ‘Extra Dry’ conditioner. Horsepower requirements range from 140hp-160hp. Coverage is an impressive 10ha/h

The Pottinger V10 Novacat mower combination has a working width of 9.98m. This also features the ‘Extra-Dry’ conditioner. Horsepower requirements are 150-250hp while coverage is approximately 12ha/h.

Both Pottinger mower combinations feature the quick change knife system and when combined with a NovaCat Alphamotion front mounted mower, the throughput and swath quality of these machines is truly impressive.

Extra-dry-ConditionerConditioners carefully rub the layer of wax covering the crop. The forage is then deposited across the full width in an airy blanket.

  • Shorter drying period in the field, less risk from the weather.
  • Increases energy con tent by up to 10% – saves concentrates.
  • Better silage quality due to rapid reduction in PH-value.
  • No tedding (or less tedding) required, which saves time and simplifies the process.
  • Careful conditioning process reduces loss due to disintegration of sensitive leaves – providing more protein for the silage.

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