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Pottinger / Novadisc Mowers

Pottinger Novadisc Mounted Mowers Pottinger Novadisc mowers are a heel mounted mower with no inner shoe that range from the 225 (2.2m working width) to the 400 (3.88m working width) and share the same superb build quality and innovation in design as all Pottinger products. With contamination free pickup and crop transfer important when silaging, having the right cutter bar is integral to a productive mower. The Pottinger cutter bar has been designed with a contoured shape which lowers drag resistance and increase crop flow over the paddles. The result of this low drag resistance is that the mower needs less power (40-80hp) to operate at peak efficiency, making it easy to keep productivity high at all times. The Pottinger Novadisc mower features a quick change knife system, a smooth running belt drive and no clogging thanks to innovative design.

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