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Pottinger / Novacat Trailed Mower

The Pottinger Novacat Trailed Disc Mower

The Novacat trailed mower features a modular construction which makes them highly versatile and easy to service. 

The Pottinger Novacat trailed mower features a low slung cantilever system which lets the cutter bar contour to the ground over bumps and ridges, this combined with a top link offers a four point suspension designed to provide a uniform, well conditioned swath.

The Novacat’s cutter bar has a quick change knife system and is contoured to provide maximum flow of the crop over the bar, lowering drag resistance and therefore lowering power requirement.

The Pottinger Novacat trailed mower ranges from the 307TED (3m working width) to the 3507TED (3.46m working width). Coverage is approximately 3.6-4.2ha/hr and power requirement is only 75-85hp.

The Pottinger Novacat Trailed Disc Mower is available as a side pulled or alternatively a centre pulled machine.

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