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Pottinger / HIT Tedders

Pottinger HIT Tedders Pottinger have aimed for high productivity and excellent working quality with their tedders. Their objective is to harvest the highest quality forage in the shortest possible time. To achieve this objective,

Pottinger HIT tedders are kitted out with new tine mountings, jockey wheels (optional) and shock absorber struts, giving them the advantage in strength and build quality over other brands.

All Pottinger HIT tedders feature heavy duty tines, with tine savers as standard. These are durable and more robust, making them less likely to be lost during operation. These tines are also designed with quality of spreading in mind.

Pottinger HIT tedders are designed with fenceline adjustment (optional) which sets the wheel diagonally so the forage is not flung into hedgerows, neighbouring fields or crops. This system comes with either mechanical or hydraulic control and can also act to compensate drift experienced on very tight slopes.

The Pottinger HIT tedder range includes the following models:

Tedders with 4 & 6 rotors

HIT 4.54 pivoting headstock, 5.2m working width, 4 rotors (6 arms/rotor)
HIT 6.61 pivoting headstock, 5.75m working width, 6 rotors (5 arms/rotor)
HIT 6.69 pivoting headstock, 6.45m working width, 6 rotors (6 arms/rotor)  
HIT 6.80 pivoting headstock, 7.45m working width, 6 rotors (6 arms/rotor)

Tedders with 8 & 10 rotors
HIT 8.81 pivoting headstock, 7.7m working width, 8 rotors (5 arms/rotor)
HIT 8.91 pivoting headstock, 8.6m working width, 8 rotors (6 arms/rotor) 
HIT 10.11T trailed machine, 10.6 working width, 10 rotors (6 arms/rotor)
HIT 12.14T trailed machine, 12.7 working width, 12 rotors (6 arms/rotor) 

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