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Pottinger / Eurotop Rakes

Pottinger Top Rakes

Pottinger Top rakes are designed for high output raking without crop disintegration or contamination of the silage to help produce an energy rich crop and a cost effective feed basis.

Top rakes feature the innovative multitast wheel. This wheel allows the rake to contour uneven ground ensuring that all the silage is raked into a good even swath. By having the wheel in front of the rake, the rotors are able to follow the terrain without actually touching the ground. The multitast system on Top rakes is only available from Pottinger.

Tine savers are as standard

Pottinger Top rakes include the following models:

Single Rotor Rakes
Top 342 single axle, 3.4m working width, 10 arms/rotor
Top 382 single axle, 3.8m working width, 11 arms/rotor
Top 422 tandem axle, 4.2m working width, 12 arms/rotor
Top 462 tandem axle, 4.6m working width, 12 arms/rotor

Twin Rotor Rakes
EuroTop 620N single axle, 5.9m working width, 2x10 rotor arms
Top 612C trailed, 5.9m working width, 2x11 rotor arms
Top 702C trailed tandem axle, 6.25-6.90m working width, 2x11 rotor arms
Top 762C trailed tandem axle, 6.75-7.6m working width, 2x13 rotor arms
EuroTop 881AM trailed tandem axle, 8.6m working width, 2x12 rotor arms, Multitast Wheels

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