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Pottinger / Synkro Cultivators

In cultivation saving time and money are top priorities. By using Pottinger Synkro cultivators farmers can create the ideal conditions for optimum crop germination. Synkro cultivators are typical of all Pottinger products with their superb build quality and innovative design features.

The subsoiling tines are curved, this channels the flow of soil so that it does not roll the ploughed earth onto the surface but instead mixes the two together thoroughly. This tine is also designed to be quick change.

The Synkro frame is built to a robust design and features a narrow distance between the legs, making the cultivator perfect for mulch seedbeds.

The Pottinger Synkro cultivator range includes the following models. Each model is available with a wide range of rollers.

Synkro 1020 stubble cultivator - 2 rows of tines with either shearbolt or spring auto reset protection.
• Synkro 3020 3m working width / 7 tines / 6 discs / 120hp
• Synkro 4020K 4m working width / 9 tines  8 discs  160hp

Synkro 1030 stubble cultivator - 3 rows of tines with either shearbolt or spring auto reset protection
• Synkro 3030 3m working width, 11 tines / 6 discs / 140hp
• Synkro 4030K 4m working width, 14 tines / 8 discs / 170hp
• Synkro 5030K 5m working width, 18 tines / 11 discs / 190hp

Synkro T 1030 trailed cultivator - For high horsepower wheeled and tracked tractors. 3 rows of tines, shearbolt or spring auto reset protection.
• Synkro 5030T 5m working width / 18 tines / 11 discs / 180hp
• Synkro 6030T 6m working width / 22 tines / 13 discs / 200hp

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