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Pottinger / Vitasem Seed Drill

Pottinger Vitasem mechanical seed drills offer exact seed metering, delivery, uniform placement and sowing precision. Vitasem seed drills can be used on their own or in a combination with the Pottinger Lion power harrow.

The Vitasem A is a harrow mounted seed drill which can be mounted and removed quickly and easily. The weight of the Vitasem sits over the rear roller so that the weight is not taken by the power harrow.

By combining the Pottinger Vitasem with the Lion power harrow, savings can be achieved by reducing pass rates and therefore lowering labour and overhead costs.

The Pottinger Vitasem has a unique mechanical system which allows for one drill housing to meter two different seeds. This means that reduced seed rates and optimised plant production are considerably improved.

The Pottinger Vitasem mechanical seed drill range includes:
• Vitasem 302 3 metre linkage mounted, 25 rows, 1,000 litre hopper
• Vitasem 402 4 metre linkage mounted, 33 rows, 1,400 litre hopper
• Vitasem 302A 3 metre power harrow mounted, 25 rows, 1,000 litre hopper
• Vitasem 402A 4 metre power harrow mounted, 33 rows, 1,400 litre hopper

There are three coulter options:
Single disc
Double disc (ADD)  

PÖTTINGER's MULTILINE concept creates a true all-rounder for arable professionals. By combining a trailed TERRADISC or a trailed SYNKRO with an implement-mounted VITASEM seed drill, you gain maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.   

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