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Pottinger / Terrasem Trailed Seed Drill

Pottinger Terrasem trailed seed drills combine cultivating, consolidation and seeding the soil in a wide range of working widths. These drills feature intelligent controls, unrivalled ground adaptation and large volume seed hoppers.

The Pottinger Terrasem C series brings a new dimension to high output seed drilling. This range offers the ability to reduce passes and establishment costs. Thanks to a high clearance, heavy duty cultivating system and a fully adjustable disc coulter sowing system, the Pottinger Terrasem C series can effectively drill direct into stubbles post harvest, tackle ploughed ground and fulfil its roles in a min-til regime. Thanks to pre and post sowing consolidation, crops have seen improved germination and reductions in slug populations and manganese deficiencies.

The Pottinger Terrasem trailed drill range includes: 

Terrasem R3-R4: Trailed Rigid Mulch Seed Drill Compact disc harrow unit with 510mm diameter discs, double disc coulters, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure, 3,000 litre seed hopper.
- Terrasem R3 3 metre working width, 24 rows, 6x425/55 R17 press wheels
- Terrasem R4 4 metre working width, 32 rows, 8x425/55 R17 press wheels

Terrasem C Series: Hydraulic folding mulch seed drill 3 metre transport width, compact disc harrow with 510 diameter discs, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure, 3000/4000 litre hopper, radar sensor tramlining 3 rows per side.
- Terrasem C4 4 metre working width, 32 rows, 3000 litre seed hopper, 8x425/55 R17 press wheels.
- Terrasem C6 6 metre working width, 48 rows, 3000 litre seed hopper, 12x425/55 R17 press wheels
- Terrasem C8 8 metre working width, 64 rows, 4,000 litre seed hopper, 16x425/55 R17 press wheels
- Terrasem C9 9 metre working width, 72 rows, 4,000 litre seed hopper, 18x425/55 R17 press wheels.

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