10% off selected Väderstad discs and points

Väderstad are offering a 10% discount from RRP on the following NEW parts: 

CrossCutter Disc 450mm (Part Number: 208020)

CrossCutter Disc 510mm (Part Number: 208022) 

Deep Loosening Marathon Point (Part Number: 231773)

BreakMix point (Part Number: 208117)

(Offer ends 31st August 2020. Other part also reduced - please ask for details)

The CrossCutter Disc - Ultra shallow cultivation

The CrossCutter Disc option allows your Väderstad Carrier 425-625 to perform full cultivation and intensive mixing at shallow working depths, meaning an extensive stale seedbed is created over the entire field.

The DeepLoosening Point - Increase your working depth to 40cm!

The DeepLoosening point offers the possibility to increase working depth to 40cm on TopDown and Opus cultivators. The wide angled foot lifts the soil, cracking it from above to further improve the drainage effect. This can be an interesting alternative before planting tap rooted plants sensitive to wet soil, such as oilseed rape.

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